weekend writing – how did that happen?

I’m actually not sure, to be honest… normally weekends are bad for me in general, so how I came to get 3,000 words out yesterday is something of a miracle. A much welcomed one, but a miracle all the same!

It means I want to make 45K by the end of today… and I think I can do it… (it’ll also mean I should get started sooner rather than later though, just to make sure 😉 ).

But it’s good, and I am enjoying it, and it won’t be long before I am halfway through the story. I still haven’t done that planning yet, but I have the ideas there it’s just a matter of placing them on the page. I have to go back and add some bits to something I wrote yesterday, bulk it out a little, and that will tie in with the second POV which is being introduced today. I am confident that will happen within the next 2,000 words so it should be today.

Exciting stuff!

I’ve been reading Steven King’s Danse Macabre the last week or so, slowly making my way through it. It’s a good read, even though it’s based on horror between the 1950’s and the 1970’s, so before my time really. It would be awesome if he wrote a new one on the changes in the field since then.

I’d love to write horror. I love reading the stuff, but I guess I have always thought I’d stuff it up if I tried writing it – that said, there are a couple of short stories which fall into the bracket, and I do like the way they are turning out/have turned out.

One day, I will definitely try my hand at a horror novel. But until then I guess it’s fantasy for me.


4 thoughts on “weekend writing – how did that happen?”

  1. Oooh, horror freaks me out. I love a good psychological thriller (and by “love” I mean it scares the bejeezus out of me but at least makes me think), but I can’t stand stuff that gets physically gory or graphic! Although that said, I’ve only tried to WATCH those kinds of movies, never actually read them; reading is so much more involving that it might be easier.

    So I think what I’m trying to say is… write it, I’ll read it!

  2. Horror freaks me out too and I just don’t enjoy being scared like that.

    You should absolutely start dabbling in horror! Nothing to stop you and the only way you’ll get better is to keep writing it. 🙂

    Great to hear about your 3K day yesterday, and a little awed!

  3. You got 3k out because the planets were all lined up in your favor, and I’m sure it will never happen again! lol Or at least not for another hundred years.

    Somehow, I could imagine you as a horror writer. The torture Ayden’s mother went through freaked me out.

  4. lol yeah that was a lil rough for her… poor woman. Sometimes I worry about where ideas like that come from! Surely not me? lol

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