It has begun.

*Cue Mortal Kombat theme song*

I have no idea why that’s the music that came into my head when I started reading through my novel. None at all. But it was! So we’ll just go with that.

I loved that movie when it came out, had loved playing the game before then, ah, so much fun and wow, how games have evolved in the years since then!

Anyway… so far I have a kind of process in place, I guess you’d call it. I’m making small changes as I see them during the read through, making comments for things that will need a little more work, and making notes in another document about the more wider ranging things that need fixing up, the things that aren’t small enough to be mentioned in a comment.

I dig comments, it helps the process and it’s how I mark up stories for critiquing when I do them for others before I write up my feedback, so I think it should help me be a little more distanced from my own work. Look at it in the same way that I look at other peoples.

Ivy has been singing non stop for an hour now… lol it’s kind of funny, but also, a little annoying. They aren’t songs by other people, they are her own – which I think is really fantastic, she’s already so creative and imaginative and all that other fun stuff. The problem is that just about every one of them has the same tune/pattern/rhythm. Ah well, we’ll work on that. At least it’s not something I can recognise, it appears to be one of her own making. A girl who dances to her own beat. Excellent.

She has a ‘Snow White car song’ it can only be sung in the car, lol I have no idea why, but that’s the way it is!

Okay… I better go and bathe her and get on with the rest of the morning. It’s threatening to be along one with Lauren already resisting sleep, the rain, Ivy and her endless song and a load of housework to do. Arg. And I still haven’t called anyone about the washing machine! I don’t even know who to call… I’ll have to get on to that today.


2 thoughts on “It has begun.”

  1. hee hee, my daughter does that too. Mostly she sings about whatever she is doing or seeing at the moment, and I agree that half of me is thinking “how sweet and clever is she?!” while the other half is tempted to say, “sweety, can you go sing in the closet or the garage or under the bed…. somewhere ELSE?!”

    Good luck with the housework…. it’s unending! šŸ™‚

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