Scary day

Not in the ‘eeek’ hide-under-the-covers kind of way, but in that gee-i’ve-never-done-this-before-and-wow-a-mortgage-is-a-big-thing-to-take-on kind of way.

And in the man-I-hope-they-approve-this way as well.

We meet with the bank lady at 1pm, so thats four and a half hours away. I think I might be a ball of nerves the entire time. I’m even going to wear shoes, see, I must be nervous and wanting to make a good impression – shoes seem to help with that lol. I might even put a little make up on. I really am nervous! lol

I didn’t manage to get a lot of writing done last night. I managed a few hundred words which was great. Lauren’s easing off the feeding but still quite needy of me and that’s okay. We had an early night in the hopes of getting more sleep and it worked for the first little bit. We had almost four hours but then it was pretty broken – she wasn’t actually awake for a lot of it but man she was noisy heh.

So today… well, it’s not so nice out. It’s overcast and cooler – which is actually kind of nice after all. I drop Ivy off to preschool shortly and then we’re free agents. I have to try and get some writing done this morning as after the bank meeting I’m catching up with a friend and that could very well take up the rest of my day. I’m thinking about asking her to stay at the new house for a little while so that I can take the barrel of the lock out and get a replacement. I don’t really want to leave the door open to anyone even though it’s not like there is anything in the house to be stolen. Oh and I’m finally going to make it to the library today. I need more books. Big time. I was really enjoying reading again and then I got through a couple books and had nothing to carry on with. Not awesome planning on my part but hopefully I can solve that problem today.

Ok, better go do stuff, keep occupied so I don’t think solely on this meeting. Wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “Scary day”

  1. I remember the nervousness too…but it wasn’t too bad for me because I worked in the same office as our loan officer so I already felt pretty comfortable talking with her.

    The closing was a little nerve wracking too. Hubby and I came dressed in work clothing–khakis, a nice shirt–and the seller came looking like she’d literally rolled out of bed; her hair askew and wearing sweatpants with some words written on the bum and her midriff showing…yeah, that’s definitely not something I’ll ever forget πŸ˜› I mean you don’t have to dress up or anything but can you at least look like you didn’t roll out of bed? πŸ˜› It made me hesitant about who we bought the house from…but so far no major problems. Oh well.

    Oh and we had a bit of a washer/dryer fiasco…they were supposed to leave them (it was in the contract) and they ended up taking them. I think getting a tooth pulled was less painful than trying to get them and their agent to pay for the washer/dryer…which we ended up only getting enough that would actually pay for one…sigh. Thankfully I have good in-laws who gave us their old ones.

    Yikes, I rambled on a bit there. Sorry about that πŸ˜› Anyway along with the nervousness comes the excitement πŸ™‚ You will be so happy when it’s over. πŸ™‚

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