A great day

So, everything went well with the bank – wooo, home-ownership here we come. I don’t think it’ll really feel real until we can go ahead with it all, which has to wait for my Dad’s separation agreement to be finalized, so maybe another month or so, but still YAY!

Yesterday was a good day for other reason as well.

I got to sleep in til 720am, which if hubby’s work has to change their hours might happen on a more regular basis!!!

I got 8 books for 80 cents. The library is having a summer sale of paperbacks and I couldn’t resist. Anthony should be happy to know (or unhappy that the library was selling them), that I got 3 of David Weber’s books even though they aren’t the first ones in the series I figured at 10 cents a piece I couldn’t really say no. I might have to go back and check it out again when I’m not anxiously waiting to meet the bank lady 😉

Lauren was fantastic all day long and last night she went back to good normal sleeping patterns. wooo.

Oh and we had steak for dinner. Mmmmmm steak.

Anyway. I wrote a couple hundred words which was better than the last few days. Am hoping to find more time over the weekend to get some much bigger progress made, but we’ll see. I have to go and buy some curtains for the bedrooms in the new house and a couple of replacement locks as well. Things are getting busy, and it’s making writing hard – at least now Lauren is definitely over the growth spurt so I might get some more time to myself. That time will probably have to be used packing and moving…

I WILL get this novella written this month!! Christy needs this, Rob needs a smirk wiped off his face and Gary hasn’t even made an appearance yet – but we’re getting there. Slowly.

Anyway. I had better go and do stuff. Ivy is currently yelling things out at me from behind the couch (she wants to paint, I want her to get out of her PJ’s first…) and Lauren’s making some interesting noises in her swing so I think she’ll need a change of clothes too lol. The joys of motherhood! I’m so happy right now that I know I’m going to have an awesome weekend even if I don’t get the writing side of things working the way I’d like to. (I even got up early this morning thinking I could do a stealthy 30mins writing before the girls woke up – Lauren sensed my absence though and woke, only to fall instantly asleep on my shoulder when I picked her up lol so cute).


2 thoughts on “A great day”

  1. Thanks BJ 🙂 It is exciting! It might be awhile before we can do any painting, but there is a lot of work to be done outside – it’s like the gardens haven’t been done in years! I can’t wait. We changed the locks today and there is something so cool about knowing we’re the only ones who have keys hehe. Yes, I’m a geek… lol

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