Things about me…

So, in the last week I’ve been tagged twice for a ‘things’ meme. First by the brilliant and wonderful B J Keltz, whose take on the meme was just so clever that I wasn’t sure how I could go about creating something equally fun to read.

The second time was by Douglas L Perry who used the more traditional way of doing it but wow, I learned so much about him! He has such a full and interesting life!

I don’t think I am as interesting as either of these people by half, and I don’t normally do meme’s, but…I figured I better before I get hit with another tag! lol So without further delay….

1. I love making daisy chains. The simple act of slicing my finger nail through the stem of one daisy and then threading another through is calming. I’ve spent hours at a time doing this, an entire afternoon one day after which the washing line and fences of the backyard were layered in chains.

2. My brother and I always had an open book policy through our teens – he knew all about what I was up to, and I knew all the things he was doing. This way our secrets were safe, because if one of us dared to break the trust then we’d both be exposed.

3. When I was about 14 I was one of the top archers in the country for my age group. I wasn’t really aware how good I was at the time and I quit….if I’d kept at it I would likely have made it to the Olympics. Yes I kicked myself when I was old enough to realize this.

4. When I was younger I always had very cold hands, and feet, but mostly hands. This lead to me being called the Ice Maiden. We lived right under the mountain and my friends used to joke that I had to live there so that I could get up in the morning to put the snow on the mountain.

Apparently it got warmer when I moved away…. This is also how I got my email name winterchild.

5. J.C stands for just Cassie. When I was at Polytech I would often get asked whether Cassie was short for Cassandra and I would always reply ‘No, it’s just Cassie.’ My friends picked up on this and called me J.C – which I hated at the time, but have adopted now because I think Cassie Hart makes it sound like I should be writing romance, and I don’t.

6. I met my husband on a website called NZDating. We actually didn’t meet as potential love interests but we formed a really solid friendship. We met in person after awhile, went to the movies (Sin City), hung out some, watched the Animatrix, laughed a lot and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Apparently the feeling was mutual and at a party we hooked up and have spent barely a night apart since. Simon is someone who I can be all of me around. He loves all of me and that’s one of the greatest gifts ever.

7. I have a bung ear.Β  See??

c5There is no curve in it – I have no idea what the curve bit is called. I was born without one on this ear, though a girl in primary school always taunted me, telling me that it went funny cause I always tucked my hair behind it.

My other ear is perfectly normal lol and most people don’t notice what it is that makes this one stick out.


6 thoughts on “Things about me…”

  1. Haha! That’s an interesting list. I might do something like that, not in my current blog, but for my next blog. Making a list of random facts is a good way to help develop a character for a story, too.

  2. I”m sorry I’m so late. 😦 the issue of writing discipline has cropped up this week (again) and I had to pay attention.

    Thank you for your kind comments and I loved getting to know more about you. IT was also nice to see a little bit of you in your character Liz. πŸ™‚

  3. HAHAHAHAHAH I love the bit about your ear πŸ™‚ I always thought it was cute.

    BTW, I never realised you hated the nicname JC, I’d imagine Renee hated ‘Baby’ and Rachael ‘Granny’ at lot more. The funniest thing is though, I don’t remember if I had a nicname? I suspect I didn’t …. bad bad memory.

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