The weekend

I feel like I’m making very little writing progress. On the novella anyway, and my monthly goals. I don’t even want to look at them right now lol but I know I will.

What I have been doing is house stuff: I played locksmith and changed the locks on our new home, and we purchased and put up curtains for the bedrooms. Feels good to be taking it over and making it our own.

I worked out one of the reasons I like the house so much. It reminds me of the first place I rented by myself, the wood, the walls, some of the colours.I loved that house, loved that it was mine alone. Our new home is in much better condition lol, but the age of the houses are similar and so is the feel. Can’t wait to move!

Also, of course, Pax Britannica was set up. It’s been fun so far and we’ve been doing extra entries so that there is a decent base there for when more people join in.

I spent heaps of time reading BJ’s novel yesterday as well and couldn’t stop thinking about it over dinner at Mum’s, it even made it into my dreams! A good sign for sure. I’m hoping to finish off my read through today or tomorrow so that it doesn’t get neglected in the chaos of moving.

So many things to do… and in amongst it Mocha Nihilism is being sorely neglected. I’m hoping to get to it today – I’d love to hit 6k.

Anyway, I better get on with it! Going to attempt to get Lauren asleep in bed, shes sleeping on me right now… lol then I’ve promised Ivy a game of ticklemonster.


3 thoughts on “The weekend”

  1. will be following Pax Britannica with interest, along with a similar project titled Greyling Bay. Just put both up on twitter, also. 🙂

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