Furniture Tetris

All night. Every single time I woke (as well as in my dreams) I was playing furniture tetris.

I know the size of our trailer. I know which items of furniture I’d like to move today – so it’s just down to deciding on the most efficient load configuration I can get. And I think I have it!

Yes, I know I’m crazy, and obsessive at times. It’s indicative of my all consuming desire to get moving, my excitement of being in the new house and the knowledge that this morning I can make some real progress!

I was up at 550am this morning… Lauren had just been fed and I snuck out of bed thinking that while I couldn’t start packing (too noisy) I could get some solid writing done. As always, she woke within ten minutes, bed is just not where she wants to be unless I am there with her.

So here we sit. Blogs have been read, all my normal sites have been visited, email has been cleared…. Ivy is awake. Morning routine: she calls out “muuuuuuummmmmyyyyy’ and I respond either ‘no, its too early!’ or ‘you can get up Ivy’. This morning I said ‘it’s too early, but you can get up anyway’ – she’s still in bed though and I haven’t heard a peep from her in 20mins lol. I guess she stopped listening after I said it was too early. Ah well!!

This morning I want to load up the car boot with boxes, line all the furniture up by the sliding doors – that way as soon as I’m back from dropping Ivy at preschool I can start loading. The girls should all be arriving shortly after that.

I’m so excited.

Oh and Mum is helping me clean this afternoon. It’s all falling into place. So exciting.

Right. Hubby’s alarm just went off.

The day officially begins!!!


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