Still offline…

Two weeks now. Two weeks!!

We had a lovely funeral for Mojo yesterday – he’s sleeping in his favourite spot in the garden. Afterwards I threw myself into garden work and sweated out my grief. It has to come out one way or another and I felt much better for it this morning despite several aching muscles.

In other news our washing machine is broken AGAIN, and we still have no oven. Cooking on an electric frying pan and finding new meals to have is actually kind of fun. Not being able to do the washing on the other hand is not.Hopefully we’ll at least get our fence up over the weekend and have all the gardens looking good.

I finished Mocha Nihilism well before the end of the month, though the death knocked me off my game a bit and I am pretty sure that the ending will need rewriting. That’s for another tine though, not right now.

I’m planning my next novel as well as getting ready to rewrite the short story I submitted to critters. But I guess right this minute I’m not feeling overly enthusiastic about anything much – eventually the grieving period will be over but I figure I’m entitled to at least a week. Mojo was an important part of my daily life and I feel his loss throughout the day. Hell I even miss telling him to get off the bench every morning when he tried to lick Ivy’s cereal bowl clean. I miss his overly loud meow, his constant food seeking and the warm press of his nose on my face. I have an ode I wrote to him when he first claimed a place in my family which I’ll post when I either remember to bring it to Mum’s or we get net – here’s hoping that its connected before another week is out.

Anyway, hope you’re all well. I miss reading about what’s going on for you, seeing how you all are and I’m looking forward to catching up on everything as soon as I get a chance.

Keep smiling, stay well *hugs*


6 thoughts on “Still offline…”

  1. Sorry to hear about Mojo. And I empathize with the electric pan only meals! Actually, I can’t remember how long we were without an oven before we got around to buying one of those. We had a camp stove before that powered by little cans that ran outta gas in two meals!

  2. I still feel your loss. Losing a pet is hard.

    A few months back, just a week before I was to visit my family, my mom called and said the dog died. I was heartbroken because it was very sudden. The pain is still there, though it’s not the sharp grief that was once there.

  3. I know when I moved we had a long time offline and that was difficult enough, but we didn’t have a death of a pet to add to it.

    It certainly isn’t easy to be enthusiastic about writing when you hit a rough patch – it has been that way a bit for me recently as well.

    In the space of a couple of weeks, a young lady I had started to get close to decided that we were incompatible (with out explaining why) and the my brother’s fiance called off the wedding two and a half months from when it was meant to be. Needless to say he was a mess. At times like that it can be a bit hard to write, even if you want to.

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