It’s been a busy old month already, and we’re only at day 8. Strange, so strange, time seems to be flying by though the time it’s taking to get connected is positively dragging.

We’re still ‘port waiting’, at the end of every weekend I wonder whether anyone moved and maybe this week will be it for us. Fingers crossed!

Ivy turned four yesterday, her party went off really well which was a relief. I put a lot of time and effort into it all and it’s so great that it went so smoothly. Kerryn and Mark were up as well, was so great to see them before they head off overseas in a few months!

The house is looking a lot better than when we moved in, and we’re even getting comments from neighbours about how happy they are to have someone in here who is tidying the place up and that even with a skip bin full of stuff and the gardens unweeded and branches on the lawn it looks a lot better already. It’s nice, it’s a wonderful place for us to make our home and all the better for having nice neighbours.

That said, yesterday I was stomping down stuff in the skip bin and managed to fall out of it. As I was stepping off it and onto the set of drawers we were using as a step the drawers went over and I scraped up and badly bruised the insides of both calves, scraping them down each side of the drawers. Awesome. I was on the ground for awhile and had to crawl inside as I couldn’t put weight on them for awhile. Walking hurts, but I can do it so that’s the main thing!

Writing is still slow. With no project organised I am floating a little. Now that the party is over I should be able to get stuck into something though. I have my plan ready to start rewrites on a short story, and am planning my space novel but yeah, it’s slow. Hopefully we can start getting into some kind of routine in the next week or so!!

Anyway, I better go. The phone beeped which means I don’t have much net allowance left… never lasts long enough /sigh. I miss reading all your blogs.


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