I feel a little like I am still just doing a lot of nothing. I’ve not settled solidly into one project, my focus is floating and though I AM getting stuff done, it feels less productive I think than if I was just working on one thing.

So what am I doing?

I finished tidying up a short story to submit to Critters when/if I ever get the net on properly and can get my crit rate back to where it needs to be.

I’m getting the planning done for the space novel.

I have the outline for the new version of the last short story to get a critique. And I am definitely procrastinating on starting that. I have to set a date. Tomorrow afternoon might be good. But then, we can see that’s me not setting a firm date, that’s me still procrastinating but wanting to look as if I’m not.

I’ll start working on it no later than Friday this week (the 13th!) which, hopefully, is settlement date for my father’s separation and afterwhich we can get our mortgage sorted. All in all it should be a good day.

It’s always the starting that’s the hard part for rewrites for me. Once I get into it I’ll feel better – not only more productive and good ab0ut everything, but like my time is valuable in some way other than mothering.

That said, I’m having a delightful time just being a mother. Lauren is really starting to laugh a lot and roll all the time and she’s just so much fun. Ivy is wonderful when she’s not having meltdowns which unfortunately seem to be about every hour at the moment. I blame the heat, and her not sleeping as well or as much as she needs to despite my best efforts. As they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. I can put an Ivy to bed but I can’t make her stay there very well every night! It’s very frustrating in general and as I’ve been unwell (and sore from the fall) and tired, and hot as well we can tell that while she is wonderful and I can border on saintly when it comes to patience (according to others), I’ve certainly lost the plot a couple times this week.

No one is perfect.

Anyway. I’m rambling. It’s because I’m on the net first I think. I have more time or it feels like I do because I know it’s not going to beep at me soon and tell me that it’s all gone. It’ll beep for Simon.

Gods I hope the net is on again soon.

over and out from the confirmed net addict, who is really doing pretty well without it but would desperately like to catch up on blogs and online writerly stuff.


3 thoughts on “Floundering”

  1. oh, we’d be insane around here if our net was down… love to you!

    as for rewrites… tackling one this very day. once I get done reading blogs. how’s that for procrastination? πŸ™‚

    as for children, heat and precious little sleep… sigh… hard bit that is. when we’d come back to the states for holiday, my youngest, so used to the UK climate, would just not cope with hot weather. cran-ky! sending cool thoughts your way, internet laced…

  2. I can relate fully to that – floundering around, skipping from project to project, not settling down to one project and being generally unproductive. I’m not doing as much writing as I’d like, and the writing is that is getting done is being diluted between the various projects so much it feels I’m making no real progress.

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