Looking forward

In my time away from the internet, and the blog, I’ve been doing heaps of thinking. This has led me to make some decisions in regard to the way that I blog.

We all know that I ramble, a lot… lol hey, it’s just part of me. I can never seem to just stick to the writing stuff that I’d initially intended and I just don’t think that’s my style!

But, I have made a decision about some things – well, to be honest I had the thought prior to my internet disappearance, but I’ve made the firm decision while I was gone.

I’m going to password some posts – only because I want to stick up some videos and more pics for family and friends, but I don’t feel like I want absolutely everyone seeing them. So here’s the deal: If you want the password, lemme know. I have some readers who I know will want it, and others who won’t be fussed either way. I’ll pretty much just be posting pics/vids in the passworded posts, my words will be freely available as always. I’ll have the same password for each protected post, that way it’ll make it easier. Well, I assume I can do it that way! If not I guess I’ll have to rethink it lol.

Anyway, Lauren’s bath time. Must dash!


8 thoughts on “Looking forward”

  1. If you want to make such a sharp distinction between “private” posts and “public” posts, why not just start a second blog for the private stuff? I’ve always thought that a blog ought to have a specific purpose behind it; otherwise, it risks turning schizophrenic. If you try to do too many things in a blog, including making some posts secret, you risk ending up creating a blog that is at war with itself.

    Just a thought, and welcome back!

  2. Thanks J.M!
    I have on other occasions attempted to start another blog – it always fails within a week. I’m really bad at segmenting my life into different blogs and ended up either repeating myself or finding I had nothing to say on the other ones!
    I’ve always posted everything here and I don’t want to change that. I also don’t want to show the entire world my little family. As much as it’s a sad thing, there are a lot of strange people on the internet and I feel like it’s part of my duty as a good parent to restrict how much of my kids are exposed on the net. Hence the passwording of some posts. It’ll just be pics and vids, actual text posts won’t be passworded.

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