The beginning of a new day! Hang on a sec, there is a cat tapping at the window. Apparently, even though I’m up early they think they should be allowed to come in.

Okay, I’m back. So, part of my new routine is to attempt to get up early! lol the purpose of this is to clear my email and other such stuff out of the way before the kids wake up. Lauren’s getting quite good at sleeping in until 7.30, and Ivy has an alarm now which amazingly prevents her from waking up before 7am, though it does on the other hand mean that she is always up then. Unless we make it later, which we have on a couple of occassions and she’s had some well needed sleep ins. Who would have thought an alarm would fix all our ‘early bird’ issues with her? It’s great!

Anyway… yes, I plan on clearing the decks first thing in the morning. Then I can do the good Mum thing without thinking about whether I got a reply to whatever, or anything else net related. Mmmm setting myself up for some freedom from the beast. Brilliant I think.

That’s my mornings taken care of, and then the afternoons where Ivy is at preschool I can tinker when Lauren is sleeping, she does a fair bit of that in the afternoon, though I’ll have to work on making most of it occur in a bed rather than on me. I’ve been pretty lazy about that. Just enjoying the time when she’s so little and still wants to be near me all the time. I know it won’t last long.

SO. I made a huge list of catch up things to do yesterday and I managed to get most of them done which was thrilling. Finally a list where I can tick stuff off. After the net didn’t come on for so long I realized that so many of my ‘writing’ goals were attached to the internet, which simply sucked.

I couldn’t keep up with my Critters, I couldn’t finish critting the novel because I couldn’t get the chapters, I couldn’t submit a new story to get critted, or keep up with the blog, or Pax (which Tama lost interest with in the time I was gone), I couldn’t start looking for places I might query about my novel. I was derailed.

The internet is an essential writing tool it seems. Thank goodness it’s back!

Anyway I better go, 5 minutes til Ivy is up and I’d like to get the animals fed. Mishka is winding her way around my legs in an attempt to get me off my seat.


1 thought on “Wed”

  1. I’ve always been an earlier riser myself. I use that time to read mails/blogs/forums etc (and sometimes post in reply) so it is generally out of the way leaving the rest of the day free for other matters – ie writing.

    Sometimes it even works as planned.

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