The week is almost out, or rather, it’s almost the weekend. So I think over the next few days (til Monday) I am going to work on crits. Get two done for critters, finish working on Changeling and then Monday it’ll be time to get my ass into gear and back to work on the writing thing.

While I did make a start to the rewrite of Dream Dark it never got very far. I now have a very solid outline written though and I think come Monday I’ll be able to get on with writing it. Then finish planning the space novel… and then write that! Never ending right?

Anyways, I need toast. And coffee. Someone might think it was breakfast time when in fact its after dinner!


2 thoughts on “so…”

  1. I always have a bowl of cereal in the evening after dinner (generally before bedtime). It’s something I’ve done since I was in junior high đŸ˜›

    Have fun with all the writing!

  2. Hey, you sound like you’ve been writing much longer than I, so tell me… what’s the absolute best way to avoid cliches and “tell” words? I know how to be descriptive, but sometimes my writing gets lazy and I’m realizing that I tend to replace certain things with phrases or actions I’ve seen in movies.

    My brain is a traitor!

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