The worst kind of allergy

And not because of the substance I’m allergic to, but simply because it’s SO unpredictable.

I had a long emotional day today, a few of my best friends are going through some rough patches and I was being a support person for most of the day. So tonight I poured myself the smallest glass of wine. Unfortunately a few small sips led to the worst allergic reaction I’ve had in a long time.

I could have a sip of the very same wine tomorrow and get no reaction. I could go one month, six months, even a year without having a reaction even if I happened to be drinking every day and then bam, out of nowhere, I’d get a reaction to it.

I’m certainly not drinking every day though lol, I haven’t had more than 1/4 of a glass since I gave birth and nothing for the duration of my pregnancy. But still, it only takes one mouthful to get a reaction when I do get one.

Ghastly. Tonight my lips and face were a little swollen, I got all red and blotchy, my skin felt like it was on fire and it took a lot of will power not to itch. Just about everywhere something was pressing against me I came up with red blotches. It’s a pretty unattractive look, and incredibly uncomfortable.

And all over a couple of sips of alcohol! There is no method to the madness of this allergy, the quality of the alcohol has no bearing on when it hits, and all it takes is one sip.

On the day of our wedding I took a sip of wine as I started to get ready to test whether I’d have a reaction that day – I could think of nothing worse than sitting at the bridal table and getting an allergy.

It’s an inconvenient thing, that’s for sure. And such a shame, because I do love a glass of wine on the odd occasion.


5 thoughts on “The worst kind of allergy”

  1. You poor dear, this sounds like a sulfide allergy. Is this only with wine?

    I am allergic to sulfides. If a vinter adds them in, which they will sometimes do, then one sip and I feel like I have a terrible hangover.

    The problem is, the wine makers here always put “Contains Sulfides” on their labels, even when they didn’t ad any. In the US, this is because the certification for non-sulfide wine is expensive.

    So I only drink wine where I have talked to the winemaker.

    If this happens with other alcohol, it’s not sulfides.

  2. You are welcome. I am suffering there with you. It is no fun loving wine and having it occasionally make you sick.

    You can actually have an asthmatic reaction, so you need to be careful. Essentially, you can buy certified organic wines and drink those just fine. They will only contain minute natural sulfides.

    A good wine shop will be able to identify naturally processed wines.

    Now there could be a chance you are actually allergic to grape enzymes. There, you’re just hosed. Switch to beer or scotch. πŸ™‚

  3. I was thinking that perhaps you had an allergy to the grapes, but the sulfide allergy sounds like it could be something too.

    My father-in-law recently discovered he’s now allergic to chocolate. He gets a massive headache and sinus pressure from it. It’s sad because he loves chocolate and really can’t eat it anymore. I don’t know what I’d do if I was allergic to chocolate or anything else that I loved.

  4. It’s definitely not grapes, lol I’d be sad if I couldn’t eat those! And I can’t imagine being allergic to chocolate, that would definitely suck.

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