I can’t write in the dark…

But I can make notes on my cell phone! lol

Lauren fed for what seemed like an age last night, and as I was lying there in bed I kept getting thoughts for TCM, I was thinking I’d have to get up after she was done and hunt down some paper until I realized I could just be putting it all on the phone.

I feel like I’ve made some good progress, even though the notes are very note like due to the relatively small number of characters available in a note. It’s way better than nothing and has left me feeling excited about the idea once more which will no doubt make planning the rest of it a lot easier.

At some point in March I will definitely be starting to write! Both a scary thought, and an exciting one. Scary because I’ve only written a novella and finished off a novel since Lauren’s arrival, a new novel is another beast entirely. How will I fare? I’m looking forward to finding out.


6 thoughts on “I can’t write in the dark…”

  1. I like how you say, and I quote “…Scary because I’ve only written a novella and finished off a novel since Lauren’s arrival…” as if having managed those achievements aren’t a big deal themselves.

  2. well, that’s almost four months now…. yeah, okay. I should be happy with what I have done. I AM happy with it, but a little nervous about tackling a new novel.

  3. You are are a writing machine! I wish I could get the novels written out as quickly as you do.

    I have three other ideas in my head, two that are “prequels” to this current novel (one of which is fabulously tragic, lol…) and another completely unrelated novel.

    But I MUST finish this one before I get sidetracked. At least I have other ideas to work on when this one is out on submission.

  4. Technology does rock! lol thanks for all the well wishes, it’s not long til March now!
    Dara – it’s great that you have other ideas fermenting away for when your novel is done 🙂

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