I feel like I’ve made some good progress today.

I finished critiquing the novel, I did all the dishes and cleared the washing backlog. WOO.

This means that later tonight, when I get some spare time, I can make more progress on plans for TCM (working title is The Consign Mate, TCM from here on in). I’ve started looking around at potential agents to query in regards to Lifelines as well, though I am waiting on feedback from a reader before I set about reworking it, I thought it would be good to just look and see whats around, start sorting myself out for the query process.

Hopefully I’ll get my credits on Critters soon for finishing the RDR which will put me well over the ratio needed to submit a story. Night Ride is all ready to go on that front and I’ll be interested to see whether I get more crits this time around because the story is substantially shorter than the last one. Only time will tell.

Speaking of Dream Dark, I still need to rework that. I am no longer sure I’ll get that completed this month, but now that I have some headspace I am in a better place to get on with it.

I’m feeling positive about the writing stuff for the first time in awhile, like I’ll actually be able to get back into it properly after the break I had while moving house. Yay!


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