Can you believe February is almost done? It’s so crazy how fast time seems to be moving. Lauren is four months old today, four months! Where did the time go?

Yesterday was another one of those ‘out all day’ things, which was nice actually, we spent most of it at a friends house, the kids played really nicely together and we had a really good talk. A very relaxing way to spend the day. Unfortunately the afternoon wasn’t so cruisy cause Ivy got tired and grumpy but it was too late to get her in bed for a nap. Ah well!

I got more planning done. I’m actually getting really excited now! I’ve hashed out a very basic plot outline and there are just a few more details I need to fill in before I actually start writing. So, maybe in the weekend – probably Sunday at the earliest though because Saturday is pretty full on. Maybe Monday even.

I’m really loving my cell phone at the moment. I made a screed of notes last night in bed and it’s just lovely to transfer them over to the computer and embellish as I do so. Planning this novel has been so much fun, I can only hope that the writing of it will be as enjoyable.

As for Feb’s goals, they are looking pretty healthy really. It seems like the only one that hasn’t been done yet is the rewrite of Dream Dark. I have my outline, I did start writing it, but didn’t get very far before switching to something else. It’s something that I’ll have to tackle in March, I can’t leave it too long, and with a second story going up at Critters sometime I need to get it finished so that I have space to rewrite the new one.

Hubby has taken the afternoon off work, randomly, so that we can go and have lunch together and just hang out. How sweet! I love it when he does stuff like this. It does mean I’ll need to be a little more on to it this morning though and get some work out of the way πŸ˜‰


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