Last day of Feb

I can’t believe it’s all going so fast. Tomorrow is March!

Anyway…the writing went pretty well yesterday. I only managed 500 words before hubby came home and we pottered around the house for a bit while Lauren slept. Alone, in bed, for 1hr 45mins – for the record that’s her longest ever sleep by herself in the day. It was wonderful and strange all at the same time. I hope it’s something I get used to, something that becomes more regular although it feels so weird to think of all the time I’ll have when it does become a common occurance.

After that we went out, got her a convertible carseat cause she’s too big for the capsule now. Aww my girl is growing up.

And being terribly cute, at terrible hours of the night. 3am and she was smiling at me in the most adorable way, but I managed to convince her to go back to sleep. 5.30am rolled around and there were those beautiful smiles again, this ultra cheeky grin that she gives me, and some very loud talking…. lol so we got up so hubby could keep sleeping. Ah well, who needs sleep anyways? Though I was so tired this morning that instead of getting milk out for my coffee I got the tomato sauce out… I mean really, tomato sauce?? Thank goodness I noticed before I tried to pour it into the cup!

Now, I better go and get organized. Ivy has dancing, then we’re visiting my Aunty and Uncle who are up visiting my Nana, then home to collect hubby, off to a car show, then home for lunch and tidying up before Ivy’s half sister comes to visit this afternoon. Eh gads, when will there be time for writing??

There will. I’ll make time. Even if it’s only 500 words again.

I’m not sure about what word count to set myself for a day. 500 is a little too light for me, even now when things are pretty busy. From Monday I might try for 1k a day and see how I do, then go from there.


3 thoughts on “Last day of Feb”

    1. lol I know right? Glad I’m not that tired today! I tell you, Lauren has been so smiley lately, it’s insane. Whether her nap is ten minutes, an hour, or more, she always wakes with big grins on her face. It’s beautiful.

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