A weekend half done.

Yesterday went so much better than I imagined it would.

I had some good conversation with some of the other ‘dance mums’, omg I’m a ‘dance mum’…. anyways…had a lovely visit with my Aunt, which was so cool.

I think (and this might sound retarded) that I’m finally beginning to feel like an adult around my Aunts. I feel like I actually have something to say now, and that I’m really interested in their opinions and they are actually interested in having a real conversation with me. We’ve finally moved on from that awkward place that lies between the ‘what are you going to do with your life’ conversations that Aunts have with teenagers and the ones that we can have now.

We got home from that much later than planned, missed out on seeing the cars, Ivy crashed out for an hour and then her half sister arrived. And you know what? It was a fantastic visit. The girls played really well together, and despite the fact that we’ve agreed that melodrama is something they have in common, there were no tears or tantrums. It was great. I even had some really good conversation with her sister’s Nana and found myself not only agreeing to lots more visits, but looking forward to them. Best. Possible. Outcome. I’ll throw some pics of the girls up in a post later on, you can tell they are sisters, but they don’t look nearly as alike now as they did when they were a little younger.

Anyway. Enough about life. Well, not quite.

For some reason I’ve started obsessing about what I’m going to do with mine.

Seriously, Cassie?? Why!?!

I think it’s all the news I’ve been watching, all the info on the recession, the fact that the unemployment rate is predicted to go up by a whole lot before the end of the year. I’d planned to get my teaching diploma (over two years, starting next year, part time study from home), but now I’m not so sure. I’m trying to think of what else I could do instead. What am I interested in doing?

I have a job. It’s called Motherhood. Sure, I don’t get paid for it, but this is what I actually want to do. I like this. In fact I love it. So why am I feeling like I need to think ahead already? I’m sure at some point in the future I’ll want to work again, and I guess I’m trying to plan in advance – whatever I want to do, I’ll probably need to do a little study before I can get a job again, so I do have to factor that in. But I have no intention of going back to work any time soon. I have my babies, I have my writing, and that’s plenty for now, until Lauren’s older anyway. So I should just stop overthinking the situation. And get to work on getting published – lol maybe if I can sell a book here and there I can find a way not to get a job at all! lol

Now, the writing! Ah the writing. I didn’t do lots yesterday, but I did manage a couple hundred words and that’s better than nothing. I introduced another character, and I like him. Pity he isn’t a part of the core cast really, I didn’t expect to think much of him at all. I love how writing can be so surprising at times.

This time around I’m going to write in chapters from the beginning. It worked fairly well with Mocha Nihilism, and I don’t think I did a bad job. In fact I’ve even been tossing around the idea of naming the chapters in this book, which is beyond weird for me considering that I feel I’m really terrible at coming up with titles. So, we’ll see.

It’s not usually until I hit around 5,000+ words that I actually feel like the book is properly underway. Hopefully by this time next week I’ll be at that point and rolling on with everything.

Now, Lauren’s asleep, so I better get on with it while I can – have to get back into the habit, and get back up to speed so that I can make the most of the time 🙂


2 thoughts on “A weekend half done.”

  1. See… I go back and forth on the “what am I going to do?” question all the time. But mostly because I’m really not all that confident in myself.

    It sounds like you already know what you want to do though… 🙂

  2. so much to comment on…

    first, lovely about Ivy and her sis… sometimes surprises can be so pleasant they bowl you over. this certainly sounds like one.

    you do have a pretty cool job; some might not see motherhood as an occupation, but sister, I know exactly the song you’re singing… 🙂

    and am also hoping this ‘writing gig’ works out well enough to fit that employment bill… ha ha

    I’ve been writing in chapters for a bit, and so far, so good. some are longer than others, but it just seems a viable way to put it down.

    and yes, where has the time gone? March already! time, indeed, going to fast…

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