A new month is a great time to be starting a new novel – even if technically it got started last month. It’s also a good time for sorting out what is happening in the month ahead.

I did pretty well with my February goals – the only thing that didn’t happen was the rewrite of Dream Dark, though I am set to do that, it’s just a matter of slotting it in somewhere.

March holds a few things – writing on TCM, editing/reworking on Lifelines, rewriting Dream Dark, and getting to work on reading all the entries for the Collection Challenge. We didn’t get anywhere near as many as the number of people who signed up for it, but that’s okay. Hopefully there is enough in there to be able to put together in a book, even if we just go with an e-book for this first venture into KW publishing.

So, it’s a pretty full month really for the writing side of my life. No doubt there will be many other things happening – the Plunket group runs for the rest of this month on Wed, the kids will keep developing and amazing me, we’ll get the mortgage sorted and officially own the house, and perhaps get the kitchen sorted out.

Exciting times!


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