Teething AND

a ‘raging ear infection’ as the Dr called it.

She seemed worse today, so I took her in, just in case, sure that I’d be wearing that ‘paranoid mummy’ label on exciting the Dr’s office. I’m glad I worried, I’m glad I did take her. We now have antibiotics, though if I had taken her yesterday it wouldn’t have been bad enough to get, so it was good the nurse told me it was just teeth yesterday. Hopefully now my poor wee poppet can be on the mend!

I cancelled on the mothers group this afternoon. We’re just gonna chill out at home and do whatever we need to.


1 thought on “Teething AND”

  1. oh poor duck!!

    yes, good you waited, now she can be on the mend and medicated properly. this is the sucky part of motherhood, where they are too young to know WHY they feel so awful, and you can’t tell them….

    thinking of you all!!

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