Lauren is doing worlds better, already. YAY!! We had a great sleep last night, only two feeds, which is awesome, she hasn’t done that since before her 3month immunizations. I hope it continues. The other upside is that because on Tuesday she had so very little sleep, she’s now apparently happy to go to bed earlier than ever before – and for this reason, hubby and I might be going to see our first movie in a long time in the next week or so.

Anyway… I managed to get some writing done yesterday, and while I haven’t got to it today just yet, I’ve been attempting to write some blurb type things for my WIP page, like I said I would do months ago and never got around to. So I’m half way there, and reasonably happy with what I have. The process is every bit is tricky as I thought it might be, so at least there were no surprises there.

I’ll be doing some more writing tonight and crossing the 2.5K mark – it sounds like so little, but working away at 500 words a day seems to be all I’m capable of at the moment. Things will improve, I know, while L is sick though she needs my full attention, even when she’s sleeping (cause she sure as hell won’t sleep in bed 😉 lol).


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