Another weekend disappears

Just like that, and it’s half done already. But this week we have a long weekend! Which I keep forgetting. Hopefully that means I’ll get some extra writing done tomorrow, but I’m not really holding my breath.

It just seems so difficult to get anything much done on my writing at the moment. I think when I was doing some critique work at least I felt like I was getting something finished off because I could do it while Lauren slept on me, or in bits and pieces here and there.

It’s a lot harder to write in bits and piece, here and there. It’s impossible to get into any kind of flow.

In 2006 when I started to get back into writing I learned quickly that I didn’t have long to write each time I sat down to it. Ivy was one and a half, I was still studying full time at home, it wasn’t easy, but I could generally guarantee myself ten minutes in a row here and there, and she slept for about four hours during the day.

Lauren is only 4 months, and I have Ivy to contend with as well. Ten minutes in a row can be hard to come by, and even when I do get it, it can be difficult to throw myself into the work. I know this won’t last forever though, and I know that even though it’s frustrating, I would rather be writing a few hundred words a day than nothing at all.

So I just have to plug away at it slowly, keep at it and I’ll get to the end of this novel eventually too. I’m throwing my goals out for the year – which is not to say that there are not things I want to get done – it’s simply saying that I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself, it’s not going to do me or my family any good.

Today I plan on hitting the 3k mark. No, it’s not the 5K I was hoping to get to last week, but L was sick, and plans change. Things will pick up, and writing will always come second to my family.


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