Small victories

I did it! I hit 3k yesterday lol, I even went a little bit over – and I finally felt like I was getting into the story a little better. YAY!!

So, half an hour ago I predicted that I’d just finish writing this post when Lauren would wake up, Simon would bring her to me and then go back to bed – within 5 minutes my prediction had come true lol sometimes I hate it when I’m right! I had been hoping to get into some actual writing this morning, but always try and get the other internet stuff done – it only takes a half hour to trawl through blogs, update forums and check my email most days.

The girls are both happy today though, and I am going to try and start putting Lauren to bed for sleeps again. I think she’s ready for it again as she seems to be over the ear infection. I was hoping that Hubby would take Ivy to the movies, but he’s ‘sick’ so I doubt it will happen now. Ah well!

So what are my plans? Tidy the house, try and fit in another 500 words or so. 800 would get me to 4k, that would be nice, but we’ll just have to see. Same as always these days. At least now I’m into the story, it should all go a lot easier from here. Chibi asked if she could read the start of it and said it was looking alright so that’s a bonus! Made me feel like despite all the stopping and starting and writing a hundred words here and there it actually works reasonably well.

Oh, yesterday I took some photos of my office space. I’ve been dreaming a little bit about that – it’s a complete mess at the moment, boxes and other stuff are still sitting around in my second corner and I think it’s about time I got to work on tidying it up finally, putting the last of the things away and actually making the most of my writing environment. I’m not sure where to start with it though.

What do you LOVE about your writing space? What would you change if you could? All comments are welcome šŸ™‚ Any ideas would be appreciated. We’re going to be here awhile, and I want to make an effort with it.


3 thoughts on “Small victories”

  1. Can’t say that I’d change anything … given I write in a mediumly populated cafe, with good coffee and good music, I’m doing rather well. Some of their tables could use a little more leg room though … seriously. It’s as much my regular writing space as any space.

  2. what I love is having a window right in front of me. had that in the last house, and I really appreciate the natural light.

    I use a long, narrow table, and I’m on the left end, stuff to the right. I need to sort and clear it off, but clutter invariably collects. sigh…

    what I don’t like is the proximity to the other computer, but only on weekends, when I’m trying to write and hubby’s listening to hillbilly rock or some other abysmal music. šŸ™‚ otherwise I’m pretty happy in my little space, and can’t complain…

  3. I love the fact I have an actual study/office. In the apartment I had a “corner.” I don’t even think I had that as hubby’s desk was right next to mine. Anyway, I love that it’s big and roomy and that there’s lots of potential in it.

    That being said, I’d like to tap into that potential šŸ˜›

    My office is still a mess even though we moved in back at the end of July. There are still boxes of junk in the corner; the bookshelves have an assortment of other knick-knacks on it (music boxes, statues and other things that need shelves…)

    I would LOVE my office to have more shelves on the walls (for the knick-knacks); I want some artwork to decorate said walls with; and I want to get rid of the baby chick yellow color that it currently is (it was the previous owner’s toddler daughter’s room). I want the room to be a luscious deep red or plum color…but unfortunately I doubt that will ever happen as all attention has been focused on finishing the basement…


    I should stop complaining though. It’s a really nice space and I love that I have it.

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