where does the time go?

Slipping away, so quickly…. I didn’t manage to do a lot of fresh writing yesterday, but I did go back and fill in some things I felt were missing out. Chibi highlighted for me what the issue might have been and I think she’s right. I still have to finish that before I move on – it seemed important to get it right earlier on rather than having to go back and pretty much rewrite the whole thing because I’d gotten into a bad habit.

All good.

I haven’t managed to write anything today – between a baby that just won’t sleep, a child that loves to keep me busy and the afternoon baby group I’ve yet to have the time (this doesn’t count, I have to go pick Ivy up in like, 3 minutes).

Maybe tonight, fingers crossed.

Last night Dad was here for dinner and we were talking house alterations, and there have been some wonderful new ideas come up. I’m SO excited by it all! We now have a few things lined up, the first of which will be to make a laundry, and yay I can’t wait to get the dryer out of the dining room and the washing machine out of the porch. It’s all going to look so good when it’s done – and these are only very small, easy, cheap changes so far! Hopefully in a month or two they’ll be done and I can put some before and after picks up 🙂

Anyways, best go get my little monkey.


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