Precious time

No one else is up yet, and I’ve been writing.

It makes me feel kind of sneaky lol I’m not sure why. Like a little mouse who gets up to steal things before anyone else is awake. I’ve stolen some time, precious time, and managed to get something written for the first time in days.

The whole ‘hubby away’ thing really threw me off. It wasn’t that I find it hard not having him here, it was that Lauren still really needs lots of cuddles and there was no-one else around to do that while I got some writing done. It’s okay though, we’ve been having so much fun lately that I certainly don’t feel bad about it!

I still haven’t finished going back and filling in the bits that need adding to, but I thought I’d get more done by writing fresh stuff and today that was more important, numbers, not quality. The writing isn’t bad anyway, it just gives me a better indicator of progress and I like to be able to see that I have made some progress.

Back to the writing. I have no doubt Ivy will be up soon, followed closely by Lauren. Must make the most of this precious time.


3 thoughts on “Precious time”

  1. I think stolen time produces amazing things on occasion…and can be the most joyful writing time. Here’s to more fragments of stolen time in your future, miss writing mouse. 🙂

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