This is the key to me being happier, and feeling like I’m actually getting something done.

Not focusing on the things I want, but focusing on what is going on in my life right now, this minute. I’m finding that if I give whatever I’m doing my focus – without trying to think about what else needs doing, what I’d rather be doing, what comes next and how I could be more efficient – I enjoy it more, I get it done faster (if it needs doing faster), and because each task is seen through to completion I actually feel like I’m getting somewhere.

As a woman, I know I’m meant to be all multitasky. Bah, to hell with that! Sure, before I had a baby I could do it effectively, and maybe when she’s older I will again, but for now, thinking like a ‘man’ is working better. One thing at a time, finishing what I started instead of starting 5 things and getting nothing done.

It took me awhile to accept that I just couldn’t do everything like before, but I can’t, not yet – and rather than let it drive me slowly insane I’ve had to change my expectations of myself, which it not as easy as you might think.

I’m there now though, and enjoying every facet of my life more than before. I can play with my kids to my hearts content and not feel slightly guilty even if there are 5 loads of washing to get sorted, even if the dishes are piling up and haven’t been done in a couple of days. Whew, what a relief! And then when I do get the time, I go hard, knock those tasks off one by one – and sneak my writing in whenever I’m able to.

No guilt, just pleasure in life and a feeling of success that I’m handling everything – even if its not in the fashion that I am used to πŸ˜‰

What a relief.


4 thoughts on “Focus”

  1. Oh my… thousands and thousands of miles away from you, another mother of two little girls struggled with this very same thing… and arrived at a similar conclusion. Forgive myself for not getting everything done, and enjoy what is going on at the moment… and a wonderful afternoon in the newly thawed backyard with my girls was the reward.

    Enjoy your moments…. one at a time πŸ™‚

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