9K and an almost tooth

I put Lauren to bed last night, got back up and wrote for a half hour or so – managed to pound out enough words to get me through to just over 9,000. You know what? I might just be able to hit the 10K I said I’d like to today! It’s exciting to see the novel coming along, even if it’s not my best quality work. With a little help from Chibi I solved a dilemma and it’s moving the story along really nicely and has heaps of potential for everything to come.

She woke though, upset, but as soon as Hubby handed her over to me she fell instantly asleep again. I love that, it’s adorable, nothing better than a baby snuggling into you, nothing better than being the cure for everything.

But she woke at 3am, and we didn’t get much sleep from then – ME and HER that is, Hubby as ever, seems to sleep through anything.

We can see the white of a tooth now (we think), it’s on the top though and I’d always heard the bottom ones tend to come through first. Oh well! She’s never been one to hold to what’s typical. I can’t wait for it to actually get through! I’ve said before that her gums have been a bit swollen. I’m almost prepared to say that she IS actually teething now, or very near to it. So exciting.

I can’t let it derail me though, lol I can’t count the number of times I checked to see if I could still see that sliver of white yesterday.

Must focus on everything but the tooth. I know it could still take weeks from now. But it’s just so darned exciting!

Anyways… yesterday I also finally got into Critters again, picked out a couple stories to crit and am managing to feel absolutely no nerves about the fact that it’s only a few days now until my story comes up again. Well, writing that made me remember how it felt seeing a new crit in my inbox, so now I’m starting to feel excited nerves. It’ll be interesting anyway.

Alrighty, Ivy wants to go through the photo albums, and Lauren is practicing her high pitched squeal of delight (Mr. Elephant must be playing nicely with her), so I better go and be good Mummy.

I’m totally kicking Hubby out of bed when Lauren’s ready for a nap though, and I’m going to sleep too.


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