Time to upgrade

So, it turns out the computer issues are a little more dire than we initially thought – time to spend some money and do the upgrade that’s been a year or so in the making. It would be much better if it didn’t have to be done, but I think we’d have a hard time going back to being a one computer family – I know that it would make it a lot harder to get my writing done anyway.

Hubby is doing the research and hopefully soon we’ll be ordering parts! Fun! And I’m even getting a new case, ooo shiny. It’s likeΒ  Christmas really!

Anyways, the writing continues in the meantime, though today I am going to be backing everything up extra safely just in case this computer dies completely in the meantime. Nothing little a fright to remind you how important it is to be vigilant with the back ups!


10 thoughts on “Time to upgrade”

  1. Whoa, that reminds me that I haven’t backed up anything from my latest writing project since I started working on it three weeks ago.

    *Reaching for a USB drive now*

  2. Upgrading is really exciting though! I’m doing it a bit at a time – fortunately it’s not at critical stage yet.

    Also paranoid with the backup – my latest draft of invented wings in on a flash drive, an external hard drive, two computers and in a passworded online journal. One could accuse me of being too paranoid, but I’ve lost so much I wasn’t too fussed about at the time but really wish I had now.

    1. Way better to be safe than sorry I think. It IS exciting about upgrading! lol it’s been so long coming though, and basically it means I inherit Hubby’s computer parts while he gets the new shiny stuff (well, I get the new case).

  3. I’m paranoid about backups.

    I email drafts to four different email accounts. (all mine of course) and I keep a copy on my laptop and also on my two (2) thumb drives.

    I also never overwrite. That way, I have an original copy of ALL revisions and ALL versions. (Even that really crappy version of a chapter that ended up getting cut…. yup, kept that too!)

    In short, every writing session gets saved as a new file in 7 places.

    I know, I’m a sad, sad case. πŸ˜›

    1. You would also be perfectly safe if multiple bad things just happened to occur πŸ˜‰ Way better to be paranoid and safe than lazy and sorry.
      I used to be very vigilant, but I’m not as paranoid as I should be despite having a computer issue every year.

  4. Damn computers should just do what they’re told I tell ya. I remember how disappointed I was to discover things were built crappy, so they wouldn’t last a good period of time. My c64 would probably still be running if I was using it.

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