I’m having one of those mornings. Brain. Not. Functioning. Sleep eludes me, though to our credit, I didn’t spend any time on the couch last night and managed to get back to sleep fairly quickly after each of Lauren’s seemingly hourly feeds. Man, the girl can put it away – is there a 5 month growth spurt I forgot about?

Progress continues to be slow, but it’s still progress. I’m just about done with Earth, and I can’t wait to get to the new planet – that’s when the fun really begins! Though I get to introduce a new character soon and he is set to rock Mel’s world, and not in the way she was hoping.

I’mstarting to be unsure about my beginning, though I think it starts where it needs to, and introduces the characters it needs to, drops hints about a few things that will happen later in the novel. Mel needs firming up a little more and I find that this is often my problem when beginning a new novel – I don’t tend to spend hours and hours fleshing out my character, so in the first part of a novel, when I’m getting to know them better than I thought I did, they tend to waver a little between who I thought they would be, and who they really are. It’s easily cleaned up later on, and normally it doesn’t take that long to get them set. Mel is now, but I need to go back and make a few little changes. Line everything I’ve already written up with who I know she is now.

Does that even make sense? I know a lot of people spend loads of time getting to know their characters first. Some people have characters come into their heads fully formed – mine tend to show up, demand some attention and kick my butt into writing before I get the chance to really get to know them. Besides, I love being surprised every now and then, love it when a character does something that’s completely in character for them and yet I didn’t expect.

How do your characters introduce themselves? Or do you go hunting for them?


8 thoughts on “Characters”

  1. sometimes it’s the characters that make the whole story, other times they show up so handily… 🙂

    I think it’s completely arbitrary for me… no rhyme or reason.

    hope sleep finds you soon!

  2. If it’s a choice between characters introducing themselves or hunting for them, I think I’m somewhere in between. Leah Nells was fully formed the first time I wrote about her in a short story, but when I put her into a novel, she grew and evolved slightly.

    You’ve been to my blog, so you’ve seen how I have interviewed my two main characters for my current project. I think interviewing a new character is a good exercise because it gives your characters a chance for them to tell you what they’re all about. Of course, some people might think you’re crazy if you’re conducting a conversation with someone who doesn’t really exist. . .

    1. I thought it looked like a good idea – and is something I’ll consider doing with my next novel. I need to find ways to attempt to know them better before we begin in some ways.
      I like having characters that do evolve, and I feel like mine always do, so there is always going to be some change happening to them over the course of the novel anyway.

  3. I’m like Anna; they often come with no rhyme or reason.

    Generally they pop up if I’m reading some particularly fascinating bit of history and then a story, along with a MC, will develop around that.

  4. I don’t know where they come from, but when they do, they mostly sit in my head and stay there to some degree. Some demand I write their stories, others are quiet and just hang around.

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