Second time around

So I have another story up at Critters this week, and second time around I feel none of the anxiety that I did the first time. It’s strange really,  even to the point where I keep forgetting that I might be recieving crits in the near future – I don’t have that constant desire to check my email ‘just in case’. It’s nice, really. I feel like this time around it won’t matter what is said because I can handle it either way, and my writing will be better for whatever comes out.

As for the current state of my writing – arg. Every time I think I’m going to get some time, something comes up. I just want to get something written and it’s proving difficult (and if you’re thinking, gee why isn’t she writing now – I’m currently holding a baby, typing one handed (I can’t ‘write’ one handed because it’s too slow and frustrates the hell out of me) and directing an egg hunt, but more about that later).

And now I must go, more things need my attention.

Please, whatever gods are around – can ya help my baby to sleep some tomorrow so that I can get something written? I’d really appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “Second time around”

  1. sending many sleep vibes your way!

    critiques are the best way for us to improve. it’s developing that thicker skin that takes time.

    I can’t ‘write’ one handed either. hope that wee girl can nod off substantially today!!

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