Saturday morning

It’s raining. But that’s okay – it means no two hour walk in the park, which might equate to me actually getting something done today.

This week has been very rough on the old writing front. Sickness, teething, sleep deprivation and computer issues rose up to block my path, and my progress was very slow, I persevered, but all in all I don’t think more than a thousand words was written. Which is just sad, because by the end of last weekend I was on a nice little roll. I’m hoping that I can reclaim that by the end of this one.

The crits have started coming in and I’ve been laughing hard at this detail I didn’t pick up on, zomg motorbikes don’t have steering wheels! I know this, how did I miss that? My dad has one, my step dad, I’ve dated men with bikes, I love bikes!

I feel like I should have prefaced the story by saying that it was written in like an hour and is my first ever foray into sci-fi, but I’m trying to move beyond making excuses for my writing. I’m happy to just take whatever feedback it gets and grow from it. So far 6 crits in, two less that I had for Dream Dark by the end of the two week period it was up for! And it’s only day two of a one week round – my conclusion is that yes, shorter stories get more attention, though this might not necessarily be a good thing as that means more info to wade through which might be hard to process in my fuddled brainstate.

Anyways… Lauren did her first proper crawl yesterday. She started rolling around properly three days before that, and hasn’t bothered with it since she discovered how to get up onto her hands and knees a couple days ago. It’s all happening a little too fast, she only turned 5 months yesterday! Most of her movement is still the backwards crawl, but she can certainly get around. She seems to pick things up pretty fast, so I am sure that in no time she’ll be going forwards more often than anything else. I really expected the ‘rolling’ stage to last a lot longer than a couple of days though – Ivy rolled for a really long time as it was quicker to get around than crawling for her.

Very exciting though, and last night we managed to get better sleep which is great. Though as always, when my body gets a little more sleep it realizes how much extra it needs to get back to a good balance and I feel more tired than before. All good! On with the show!

Time to try and get a little writing done before getting on with preparation for the dance class.


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