I am seriously lacking in the ‘interesting post title’ area at the moment, but oh well.

I got some writing done yesterday! I brushed over some stuff, but they were dead scenes, nothing important was going to happen (okay, ONE thing which was mentioned which I will eventually go back and write in). I needed some momentum though. To launch forward and get to the more interesting stuff so that I can get my head back in the novel and make some decent progress.

It’s worked. All going well I’ll be able to add another thousand words to the story today. I’m just dying to get Mel and co. off planet, but it’s still a little while away. I’m trying my best not to brush over things in order to get to that point, because I know I have a habit of doing that and then having to go back and add things into it in a rewrite.

I’m considering pausing when I get them onto the ship so that I can go back and finish adding in things and focusing on the show don’t tell advice I’ve been getting lately. I know that I fall back to that when I am tired. It’s a lazy way of writing and I am guilty of it – especially because I have been so tired lately. It’s easy enough to say ‘oh I can fix that up in the rewrite’ but I think I would rather nail it now, and then try and work a little harder first time around so that rewriting isn’t such a big task.

As for the sleep thing, Lauren did very well last night going four hours between feeds and resettling herself without any help from me. Wonderful! I’ve been feeding her back to sleep most of the time lately because it’s the quickest way, and anything that gets me more sleep is good, so it’s wonderful that she’s learning to self settle and I can look forward to longer sleeps – her teeth don’t seem to be giving her as much grief at the moment so woohoo for less wake ups.

Anyway, on with the day! I’m feeling refreshed and hope that I can tackle some stuff today.


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