Learning curves

Well, this round of critiques is almost over, and I have to say I’ve come out of it a lot better off than the last time.

With my first story I got 8 crits, and while most of them were helpful, they really only applied to that particular story. There were so many conflicting opinions about different things within the story that when I made a list of the positives vs negatives for each element I was surprised to find that most of the time they cancelled each other out – as many people liked something as disliked.

All the same, I found  it worthwhile, though there were some moments where I thought that perhaps I should just quit entirely (momentary! It was me learning to toughen up about feedback).

This time around has been completely different. I’ve recieved 18 crits so far, and every single one of them encouraged me. Not only that, but the comments within them were ones I felt I could apply not just to this story, but to all of my writing. It has given me a renewed energy for revision/rewriting and now I just wish I had the time to apply everything I have learned to all the stories and novels I have sitting around waiting to be revisited. It gives me hope for Lifelines – that I can do it justice when I get a chance to go over it again. It gives me hope that the first draft of TCM will be much better than my previous first drafts. It makes me excited about building the short story I submitted into something more than it is right now.

Wonderful. What a great way to come out of a round of critique.


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