Feeling a little better

Somehow I’ve managed to feel a little less tired today – not sure entirely how that works but oh well!

As a result, I’ve managed to write some more on TCM after a couple of days off. I did do some other writing those days, I just didn’t trust myself with the WIP. It’s nice to touch base with it again, though I didn’t really get a lot of time today to write – Lauren had her 5 month check up andΒ  immunizations, so most of my afternoon was spent giving her lots of cuddles. This round seems to have been harder on her than the last two.

Today’s post was meant to have been written earlier, and it was going to be titled ‘why I suck at short stories’ but Tama didn’t agree with me. I’ve been doing some thinking about the subject over the course of the day though, and pretty soon I think I will take the time to look a little more closely into what different things make a short story ‘successful’ and whether I am capable of any of them! lol

This is not meant to suggest that I actually think my writing is bad – I know it’s not for the most part. But I’m coming to realize that I have different expectations of short stories than a lot of people, which has led me to wonder whether I should even bother trying.

I’m going to continue to try, but I am also going to judge myself less on other peoples expectations and standards and simply enjoy the process. I’m bound to get better at it the more I do it, though that also requires the time to polish and shine those little stories into something beyond a first draft.

That’s it from me. Signing out for the night and hoping to get a little more sleep.

And also hoping that my sense of taste comes back sometime soon. I’m not sure where it went but I miss it big time. I’m not even that sick. Come back taste!!! Nothing is the same without you and I’m going to run out of coffee soon if I have to keep making it extra strong.


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