The Pox

That’s right. Chicken pox… Ivy has it. Awesome. Two girls at home and zero time for writing, or atleast, writing well. All good!

Life has been kicking my ass the last few days. So I really haven’t been anywhere near as productive (in any area of my life) as I would like to be – there is a huge amount of washing to get through, I still need to clean the carpets but thankfully a friend came around and washed all my dishes for me this morning in return for some assignment advice.

On a brighter note, I got a nice long sleep last night. Five and a half hours though Lauren slept for six (I stayed up a half hour to get some writing done).

TCM has been ignored for days now. I made a fatal mistake of switching to another project briefly. It was only meant to be a short story, but looks like it might develop into something more. I’m going to be a good girl though and sideline it while I get back on track. Technically it was only a two day detour, but I feel like it’s been longer. Hopefully I can carve some time for myself somewhere today so that I can get back into it – fingers crossed I can get both of the girls sleeping at the same time!

But, for now, it’s almost lunch time, so I better go and sort that out. Wish me luck on the writing front!


2 thoughts on “The Pox”

  1. Write where the flow takes you! And at least you can only get the pox once in your life. Best to get it out of the way. I don’t think I’ve ever had it …

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