Clearing some space

Yesterday I put some time into cleaning up my desk – it had become swamped under with papers related to the house and its purchase, a million and one drawings by Ivy, and other random bits and pieces.

And now, I have some room to move. It’s lovely!

I also took the time to unpack a couple more boxes of stuff and tidy up the corner of the room closest to my desk. It’s been a dumping ground pretty much since we moved in here and was well overdue for a clean up.

I feel good. I feel less boxed in and cluttered and I’m hoping that over the next week I can finish the job off and make my bookshelf a little tidier as well.

I’m hoping that the whole theory about having an organized/nice feeling work space promoting productivity is actually true, though if how I am feeling about sitting here now compared to yesterday is anything to go by, it’s working already.


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