Writing without music

Normally when I’m writing a novel I have a couple of CD’s that I listen to pretty much constantly while I am writing – the music itself has little to do with the manuscript, but it cuts down the noises of the rest of the house and allows me to easily slip back into the story. I very quickly begin to associate the songs with the writing of that particular piece, which is good because normally they aren’t things I’d hear on the radio or playing anywhere else.

This time around, I don’t.

It was a conscious choice, not because of anything to do with the writing, but because I worried that I wouldn’t hear Lauren if I had my headset on (I don’t have any PC speakers).

I’m starting to miss that musical link to my story. That ability to slip into writing mode simply by pressing ‘play’. And there is really nothing I can do about it, because hearing Lauren is more important than anything else right now.

Just one more of those ‘facts of life’ that I have lurking around at the moment. I’ve thought about finding something to listen to for night writing, but even then, I’d rather be listening out for her. One day, I’ll have some music for my writings again.


4 thoughts on “Writing without music”

  1. I wrote my first few books with tunes, now I only use it to drown out the rest of the folks around here; John Coltrane’s my saviour…

    I had to smile about Lauren, because when our kids were tiny we’d play all sorts of music around them, some stuff of course you’d not want an older child to hear. šŸ™‚ then, as they aged, in the car all I ever heard was Sesame Street, Postman Pat, etc, etc, etc…

    now… they have their musical players, I have my car stereo, so different!! but before you know it, the musical choices will be all yours again…

  2. Writing and music has always been tied closely together for me, and I too associate certain songs with my stories. When I was younger I used to listen to music while I wrote, but nowadays I have to work in silence. Any music or noise is too much of a distraction.

    I’m impressed with your ability to get any work done, what with your family and all!

  3. Can I make a suggestion…

    I have a great baby monitor with a vibration feature and a series of lights that signify how loud the baby is. It would definitely be strong enough to get your attention if clipped to a belt buckle, but I think, even if it just sat next to the PC you would notice the vibrations and blinking lights….

    It wasn’t excessively spendy (fisher price brand, probably around $40), and it worked great when I was out in the garden listening to the radio or mowing the lawn.

    Good luck!

  4. I used to write to music, and yeah, I think that it ends up being part of the ‘I’m about to write’ mindset. Pressing play says ‘I’m going to write now’. All part of the ritual šŸ™‚

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