What’s this? Progress? Surely not!

I’ve been pretty quiet the last few days, for a couple reasons. I’m still sick, and the computer bits arrived – last night Hubby spent the whole night pulling things apart and putting them back together again and now I have… well, basically it’s his old computer with my harddrive in it. Oh well, whatever, it’s still heaps better than my old computer. What’s more, it has all it’s sides! No more dust collecting for me.

I’m pretty happy about having a new computer, though this morning the wireless was refusing to connect and as a result word was refusing to work because it couldn’t re-authenticate.

Lucky I have my rusty laptop (I can call it that because it IS actually rusty).

All the while, Tama‘s writing game has been ticking along. We kicked back into action on Monday and it’s certainly kicked me back into writing! I struggled initially on Monday, but managed to pound out the words in the evening and ended up with a number around 1200. It was my best writing day in a very very long time and I was mucho happy about it.

Tuesday saw only 980 words, but still, much better than the last week and I thought it was well done seeing as I had to write half of that by hand due to the whole computer-in-parts thing.

It seemed to take me half a day today to get that typed into the laptop, but this afternoon/evening I have cracked into some fresh stuff and I am hopping along nicely.

I don’t know whether I just really needed a break from writing stuff, or whether I’ve hit my groove with the story, or whether the game is actually motivating me, but whatever it is – I love it. I’m finally making some solid progress and tomorrow I’ll be crossing into the 20,000’s.

I feel good, I feel connected, I feel alive.


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