I can’t believe this week is coming to a close already! It’s been my most productive one in a really long time – after I put up my last post I pressed on with the writing and crossed 20K that night, and last night saw me up past 21,500 words. I love it, and hope that things will carry on like this for awhile to come. I’d love to get this draft knocked out within the next couple of months.

Yesterday I did something long overdue. I went clothes shopping!!! I didn’t get much, but boy it feels so nice to have something new. I think in the last six months I’ve only gotten a couple new tops for breastfeeding, and nothing else. It’s only the beginning though, I need to get more things so that I’m ready for winter, and I wish that I had begun a little earlier! To be wearing clothes that weren’t worn during pregnancy, clothes that fit me nicely (and yay I am officially back to where I was before I got pregnant, though I have a long way to go before I’m actually happy), is just so lovely. I’m sick of looking messy, which I guess means that I’m coming out of that phase where mother’s ignore themselves because they are trying to make sure that their little families are doing okay.

Anyways…. Off to drop Ivy at preschool soon, and then taking Lauren to visit Mum. She’s still in hospital, though heading home either this afternoon or tomorrow. I went and vacuumed all her floors yesterday, and will be around there doing the general cleaning four days a week starting Monday, for the next five weeks. I was quite happy to do it for free, but Mum is insisting on paying me (they were going to hire someone, but asked me first). I’m really looking forward to having a little bit of money that I’ve earned myself. I might hide it away for Hubby’s birthday and get him something nice – I really hate buying gifts for people with money that they earned! lol it always feels a little odd. And yes I know, I should probably just treat myself to something, but I’ve got to start taking Hubby’s advice and just getting the things I need rather than just ignoring the fact that I have needs. I’m a person too, and just because I don’t earn an income, it doesn’t mean that the things I do aren’t valuable.

Okay, better go get the girls ready… Lauren’s sleeping, but should be waking soon, and I’m just not going to mention to Ivy that she’s going to be a little late πŸ˜‰ no drama!

Looking forward to much writing today. I am loving my novel at the moment.


1 thought on “Friday”

  1. I know that feeling about getting things for the hubby with (basically) his money… πŸ™‚

    glad your mum is doing okay!

    and yeah, you do need to spend a little $ on YOU! just because we’re mums doesn’t mean we live in dark caves and never see the sun. πŸ™‚ treat yourself cause you have one big job (that few seem to acknowledge in the same breath as one that PAYS) and you deserve it!!

    and oh yeah, big congrats on the WORDS!!! πŸ™‚

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