The Wall

I hit it yesterday. I should have known it would happen, but I really didn’t see it coming.

I’ve been loving writing hard and fast on TCM, thoroughly enjoying playing with the new ideas surfacing out of the story, developing characters, building to the point at which they finally leave Earth.

And they did. I got to the new planet and… blergh.

It was a combination of sheer exhaustion from every day life/broken sleep, and excitement over getting off the planet. I’d failed to set up any situations to occur once they had arrived. I mean, I have this incredibly vague outline which suggests that some things happen, but I hadn’t stopped to actually think about what those things might be in any greater detail than ‘weird things happen, little things, stuff goes missing” (that means something to me in context of the story, though I’m sure it sounds extra vague to you!).

Duh. No wonder I hit the wall.

I didn’t feel like writing at all, and when I started to write it was a really lame scene. The worst of the novel so far (I even wrote that in the novel, as in halfway through a sentence you’ll see ‘this scene sucks hard, I have no idea where it’s going and it’s definitely going to need cutting when I go through and rework this novel. What on earth was I thinking?’)

All the suckingness and lameness aside, I wrote anyway.

It’s what I do.

I don’t really believe in writers block (I could have called that block, but really it was just down to the fact that I hadn’t put enough (any) foresight into the details of where I was going). I could have let that trip me up and depress me, but I’d rather just keep writing. Eventually I know that I’ll come out the other end, and it happens a damn side faster if I just keep working at it.

Anyway, the girls are asleep, and seeing as Hubby isn’t home to do any baby holding tonight I best get my write on or I won’t be adding to the wordcount very much. I’ve pushed through half of the wall, and now I need to break down the rest.

Just keep writing. It’s the best cure for a block. Write crap, write whatever – you can ALWAYS go back and cut it or make it better in another draft or edit. You can’t edit something that you haven’t written though.


2 thoughts on “The Wall”

  1. Yup. I don’t really believe in writer’s block either. Sure, like you there are times where I hit it a wall because I haven’t thought far enough ahead, but that’s not really block. As long as my fingers can physically type words then I can write. They may not be good words but how’s that any different from my ‘bad’ days? Writer’s block doesn’t exist.

    But keep going! Your last paragraph sums it all up.

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