Our house

It’s official! We’re home owners, as of yesterday.

I am so relieved that all the house related stuff is pretty much done now. Within the week all the payments etc should be set up and we won’t have to think about it again!

Now we just need to start saving for the renovations and sort the kitchen plan out so that we can start work on that….

It never ends really, does it? lol New Zealanders have a long history of DIY, so I think it’s going to be a fun time, probably over the next 5-10 years, slowly doing the place up room by room. I’m excited by it, and hope that we don’t get complacent and not do anything to it for the next few years. I think once the kitchen has been put in we’ll feel a little more motivated, and then it’s just a matter of saving, and trying to do a room every year or so.


I only had one freak out moment. I realized suddenly that it was all done and there was no going back. Despite the fact we’ve been waiting for this for so long now, it was a little scary thinking that it has actually happened, the place is all ours now.

Anyway, better go and try to get some writing done. I’m feeling incredibly unmotivated and would rather curl up in bed with a book, but I’ll try and get something out.


2 thoughts on “Our house”

  1. Even in the U.S., home repairs never end. Especially when you are married to a handyman and his father can build entire second stories on houses 😛

    We’re still working on finishing the basement. It’s come a long way since last July–the walls are all up, plumbing is done…all we have to do is finish the bathroom and it’ll be (mostly) done.

    Then comes my kitchen…which I’m waiting in earnest for (that means I get a dishwasher! Yay!).

    So yeah, it never does end, but it’s fun to see everything fixed the way you want it 🙂

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