Writing related stuff vs writing

I feel like I’m getting less and less time to write lately, possibly because all the writing related things I’m doing are cutting into my writing time.

Or are they really? Perhaps instead of taking my actual writing time they are taking up my ‘thinking about what I’m writing’ time, which means that when I get time to sit down and write, I feel more worn out and less prepared than I might otherwise.

Have I confused you all yet?

So, for the record, I’m staff over at Kiwiwriters. We have our biggest event of the year coming up in June – the Southern Cross Novel Challenge (SoCNoC), based off the same model as NaNoWriMo, but you can write anything you want pretty much as long as you make the 50K mark. We’re down a couple staff members this year and I’m beginning to feel the strain already. I just hope that the month runs smoothly with not too many bumps along the way. I keep saying that I’ll do extra things a) because I feel like if I don’t then they might not get done, and b) because the event is normally a lot of fun and I want it to go smoothly.

As an aside: If there is anyone out there who might want to do a guest blog post for the month about anything writing related for the site, drop me a line! I’m trying to gather some up before June hits so that I can slot them in when one of us staff needs a day off πŸ™‚

Oh, and if you’re feeling like you might want to write a lot in June, sign up! The motivation aspect of it’s really fantastic. I’m probably not going to be participating myself seeing as my daily output is only average around 1000 words and I don’t think I can push it up, but I’ll be participating in HalfNoC instead, and will be there cheering everyone on and boosting motivation as much as I can.

As well as this I’m currently working through the short stories that we’re putting together for the first Kiwiwriters Collection of short stories. Making sure there are no spelling errors and they are all formatted correctly – after which I’ll have to sort out the layout and all that other fun stuff so that I can get it ready for the end of

Then there is SpecFicNZ, the org we’re forming for …. that’s right, speculative fiction in NZ!! It’s still in the works, but on course for a grand opening at Au Contraire in 2010. It’s very exciting to be in on the ground level and working to create a great org with some amazing individuals right here in my own country.

As well as this there is the writer’s group which David and I are hoping to get off the ground here in our town. He’s just emailed to tell me that the first posters are up, and it’s so exciting to think that someone might call us any day now about it!

I’ve stopped critting at Critters for now.. mostly because I just don’t have time. I’ve been working with some people and giving them feedback on their work. I love doing this, so if any of you are reading – don’t stop sending me things! It makes me really look forward to having the time to work on my own stuff, so keep chapters coming, it’s inspiring.

The fact is that I love being part of all of these things, and perhaps it’s just that I’m already gearing up for a massive June which is making me feel overrun by writing related things.

The reality is that I’m feeling a little flat about my own writing – fingers crossed that once the Collection and SoCNoC are out of the way I’ll bounce back to full form, but every other day I’m feeling a lot like I could just not write. I’m still making sure I write every day though – not feeling like it doesn’t seem like a good enough excuse to me.

And in the meantime I should be grateful that I don’t work full time as well as having kids and writing stuff! I definitely could not fit it all in if I had a day job too.

Eventually I may have to pare back on the writing related things so that I can get more writing done – but for now, I’ll carry on. I think it’s more a case of them taking my energy than my actual time, so all I really need to do is find a way to be energized by all the activity rather than drained.

Oh to be an extrovert…


9 thoughts on “Writing related stuff vs writing”

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ll never go away for SoCNoC again… I promise. πŸ™‚

    BTW, you totally didn’t confuse me with the first two paragraphs. In fact, I had just a tad of deja vu! Good luck on keeping up with everything and making sure you’re getting something back for it all.

  2. I know what you mean – as well as SpecFicNZ, I’m a member of two in person writing groups, one of which I do a lot of the organising for, a couple of online critique circles and I’m putting together an anthology. Eeeep.

    I’m totally up for writing a blog post, or even two, though – did you have any themes in mind, or shall I just think of something random?

    1. Anna, you’re a gem πŸ™‚ Just anything you want to write about is fine as long as it’s writing related. Motivational is good, any tips and tricks of the trade you use, just whatever grabs you. I appreciate it!

  3. You work at a writing website? I didn’t know that! Pretty cool :p Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate, heh. Haven’t heard from ya in a while though, stop by sometime!

  4. If you need more blog posts for the Klog let me know, I’d happily write some to help give you guys a break! I’ll definitely be doing SoCNoC again this year so anything you need help with just ask. -snugs-

    And that’s awesome news about SpecFicNZ!

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