Swings and roundabouts

Last week I was still in the throes of the novel, I was on a roll, pounding out the words, making good progress.

This week, not so much.

As with everything in my life, my writing has taken on a cyclical nature. I go from being productive, to fairly un-productive, and then back again – more so these days than say, seven months ago, but hopefully it’ll come to an end eventually. I prefer being one of those writers who can just sit down and even if it takes 20 x 2 min writing sessions, get a decent word count out for the day.

At the moment I can’t claim to have that dedication, as much as I’d like my writing to progress a little faster than it is right now. In fact, by the time everyone has been fed and I’ve managed to get the girls into bed, all I can think about is sitting on the couch and watching some mindless TV or going to bed and keeping warm under a pile of blankets. Mmmmm blankets…

Maybe tomorrow I’ll start cycling back up out of this again. I can only hope so.


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