I’m feeling much better today. Not really sure what changed, but I definitely have a bounce back in my step and hopefully it’ll help me wade through the piles of stuff that needs doing this weekend!

I think taking a few days off from pretty much everything that wasn’t a necessity did me some good. I read a couple of books, watched some rubbish TV and just chilled. Today I woke up feeling like I could definitely get into a bit of writing today 🙂 Wonderful! I’ve barely had time to sit down at the computer anyway for most of this week, so it’s probably been great for me to be spending most of my time off this thing.

Also, for the first time in about three weeks I’m enjoying coffee! I haven’t been drinking it because it just tasted bleh, but this morning I thought I’d have one and it was GOOD. Really good. Maybe my body is finally coming right!

In baby news, Lauren sat up by herself for the first time today. She was having a crawl and then got back into her bum and sat there for a few seconds before toppling over! It was so exciting. I’ve made a point of not propping her up in a sitting position – as with everything else my motto has been ‘when she can get there herself, then she can do it’ and it’s awesome that she now can. She also waved properly for the first time. She’s been raising her hand for the last week when you wave at her, but today she moved her hand in an actual wave! It was so darn cute. I’m gonna have to try and capture it on video I think.

Ivy had her second week of dancing and is loving it again this term, I think it might be a fixture for awhile. One of her little preschool friends started today and she was so excited to see her there! And also quite happy that she knew more than her friend lol very cute.

Oh and there is more snow on the mountain now, I think it’s our first proper load (as in, it’ll stick around for longer than the next sunny day), there was also a good dusting on the ranges which means the snow is low enough to visit. If it’s nice enough tomorrow we’ll be heading up the mountain first thing. Fingers crossed!

Anyways, signing off, better get something done while the baby sleeps 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ahhh”

  1. so good when things come back round… just takes time… 🙂

    so cool about Lauren, Ivy too… they are these incredible learning machines at this point, stuffing abilities into their brains and bodies… wild to witness!!!

  2. My little man didn’t crawl for ages, but he was sitting up from 6 months. They are all different 🙂

    A couple of days off when you are tired and worn is a good thing. Recharges the creative batteries!

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