Another ‘goals’ post

In the past I’ve been militant about my goals. I’ve set my aim high and I’ve worked my ass off to achieve them – and in the process worn myself out and gotten all stressed when I didn’t achieve.

In more recent weeks, I’ve been lenient. I’ve lightened up on my ‘goal’s, taken to not expecting so much of myself, not laying on the pressure so thick and taking time for myself when I needed it.

This has led to an almost catastrophic drop in productivity.

I might be feeling more chilled out, but I’m certainly not making anywhere near the progress I would like to, which in turn irritates me – which I must add, is almost as bad as being worn out – either way I’m grumpy and unpleasant at times.

So what am I going to do? Can I really find a way to balance out these two extremes that I’ve tried out so far? Can Cassie do things in moderation? That is probably the more prominent question.

I can try… moderation is one of those lessons that I’m taking a really long time to learn. I should know better by now.

So, what’s the plan? I’m not entirely sure. If you have any ideas, feel free to leave a comment!

In the meantime, I’m going to work on editing/fixing up one story a day for the Collection – which means I’ll be done by Friday.

I’m going to try and write 500 words a day on TCM so that I can reconnect with the story and start writing on a daily basis again.

And finally, I’m going to read through and make changes on 5 pages of Lifelines.

I think this is a manageable list and means that I’ll be making progress in both the areas I want to – and I’ll have the Collection stuff done before the weekend, after which I can step up the writing a little bit, building it up to around 1,000 words a day by the start of June.

Wish me luck! At this point, that’s more progress than I’ve been making lately. I really think I need a list to work from, a list of things I can do daily, rather than a list of the things I can only do on a really good day.


12 thoughts on “Another ‘goals’ post”

  1. For over a year, I’ve been trying to find a system of goal setting that works for me. I’ve steadily discovered what *doesn’t* work, and here and there, come across a few gems. 🙂

    Recently a friend sent me to this site–and WOW. It was exactly what I needed!


    I’ve found that page to be a great place to start; you can check it out, and explore from there. Also, this cool slideshow puts his message in a nutshell: http://www.43folders.com/2008/08/14/who-moved-my-brain

    The best part is, it’s geared towards creatives–so the goal of the site is to help you manage all the “stuff” so you can “get excited and make something awesome”!

    I’ve started implementing some of his tips, and they’re really working. Let me know what you think!

  2. I find the hardest thing is making something a habit. Having joined in Nick’s NPI for May has helped me to make daily writing a habit!

    For normal, everyday jobs, I’m a lister. I write daily lists and cross off what gets done, and that keeps me focussed 🙂

    1. ah yes, I love lists too. The problem is that I always put too many things on them! I used to be really good with writing every day, but it doesn’t take much to slack off 😉

  3. I find that writing my goals down helps me to accomplish them, having them in front of you helps a little for the list to nag you.

    1. I totally agree! It tends to be why I blog about what I’m going to do – the whole accountability thing really works for me!

  4. Spend ten minutes a day solely on writing. I am not saying hours or to make serious time for writing, but to turn off all the noise (tv, phone, radio, etc) and so write for ten minutes straight. I spend a minute and a half on the bus writing and I get about one hundred words done, and I do plenty of cross outs. Imagine how many words you could write in ten minutes (750)!

    I have been notorious for taking on too many things to do, but when I finish something while sticking to a schedule that is not overly invasive, I feel great about yourself! Try it for a week straight and e-mail me back about how effective it is.

    Keep positive and keep on writing!


    1. Thanks Ceylan – I needed the ten minute reminder! I know I can get 500 words out in ten minutes pretty easily, but I forget to take that ten minutes. I guess sometimes when I do get the chance all I want to do is enjoy the peace and quiet!! lol
      I’m really planning on sticking to this new regime and I’ll definitely let you know how it goes 🙂

  5. I know I’m going to write in July, and again in September (and again in November but that’s a given…) those are my ‘goals’…

    everything else writing-wise works around that. editing in between, plotting, etc.

    house-stuff another given, but having set myself a 9-5-ish sort of ‘work’ schedule helps.

    having said all that, I don’t have wee ones who need attention. which makes a WORLD of difference….

    sigh… not very astute, but there you have it. I think the best way is one not yet invented… 🙂

  6. I know the feeling. Earlier this month writing was my absolute focus every day, and my overall output was fantastic and invigorating. Just in the last week I’ve had to get more casual, and suddenly everything has stalled – I can’t even think about what happens next in the story, let alone write it down.

    A technique that I found works for me is to write by the clock. Every time the clock ticks over to the next hour, you stop everything you were doing, sit down and bust out 200 words, even if they’re terrible. As soon as the 200 are done, you stand up and get back to whatever you were doing. I find that even if I spend the next 50 minutes cleaning or washing up, the ideas keep flowing, and I’m prepared for the next hour to tick over.

    1. Thanks for your tip Ruzkin 🙂 It seems a very sound idea, one which I have used in the past and is really very effective! Unfortunately, children don’t run by the clock, or I’d still be using it! I do try and get a little writing done here and there when I can though – and have gotten pretty good at stealing a few minutes of time here and there.
      I hope you find a way to get back to your story and get writing again!

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