Boy am I glad it’s Friday! I’ve got just one story left to look over, and then I can start formatting the document for the Kiwiwriters Collection, TCM is making progress, and so is my work on Lifelines – I’m feeling much more together now that I have a new plan and am following through on it!

Also, we have a new laptop… this threatened to put a dent in my determination as I stopped to play, but I managed to get myself back on track and now we’re both enjoying this lovely new machine with it’s speed and widescreen. In fact, Hubby is using it more than me at the moment, though he pretty much hadn’t made use of the old laptop for a couple of years! It was great that we only had to go without for a few days, I missed having a laptop a lot. I’m not even looking into what I might have lost on the old one just yet, because well, who needs to know anything depressing like that? I think it’s mostly music, and I can always fix that up at some point – besides which, a lot of it was stuff I barely listen to now so I refuse to feel sad about that.

Tonight my Dad is coming around to begin ‘phase one’ of the house renovation. He’s down for the weekend and it’ll be interesting to see how much we manage to get done! I am sure the weekend is going to be chaos as a result, and the girls will be out of sorts and not getting enough sleep, and we’ll probably be spending a lot of time around at my Nana’s house to keep them away from the action – while Dad and Hubby get moving in the kitchen. I should take photos! Lucky I’m blogging, or I never would have remembered. Tonight I think he’s moving the kitchen sink back to where it originally was (like, 50 years ago… lol), so that we can get to the wall behind it. Possibly this weekend we’ll be ripping out the itty bitty window and putting in a massive new one thats been sitting in the garage for approximately 8 years waiting for someone to make the switch. Then we’ll have to re gib the walls and… well, who knows how much will actually get done! All that really matters is that it’s a beginning, and we’ll be one step closer to getting a new kitchen. 

Which will occur… well, whenever Dad and his lovely girlfriend replace theirs! They hate the colour of it, and their house purchase goes through on June 1st, so hopefully it won’t be a long wait. I don’t mind the colour, so we’re happy to take it off their hands 🙂 

Anyway… I better get some writing done while Lauren sleeps. Not sure how much time I’ll have for the writing stuff over the weekend, but I’ll be sneaking some in when I can. I can’t believe how close June is now! Not long til SoCNoC and while the numbers are nowhere near as high as last year, there is plenty of time to sign up before June begins! I’ll be doing a post all about it sometime over the weekend no doubt. 

Have a great one!


2 thoughts on “Friday”

  1. I can’t wait to see the remodelled kitchen! Definately take pics. 🙂

    You’re making great progress on the Challenge Collection as well. I’m on stand by to do a read through once you’re done. 🙂

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