Day One, Project: Me first!

Yesterday I set out on my new plan – putting my writing ahead of the crit work and other writing stuff – and I feel really good about it!

Not only did I manage to write about 1,000 words on TCM, but I also got some crit work done. I think that by feeding my soul, doing the thing that I love first, I’m actually going to be more productive in general because I’ll be making progress on my own stories.

I should have realized this earlier, I know, but sometimes when you’re sleep deprived and run off your feet, obvious things don’t seem so obvious!

I’m going to continue on like this, along with things like limiting the time I spend absently browsing the internet. Instead I’ll be making the most of the limited time that I do have. I think I’ll be more motivated to do that now that I’m making headway on TCM.

Anyways, it’s 530am, and I think Lauren’s done crawling around and expending energy (we’ve been up for an hour…) so back to bed!


3 thoughts on “Day One, Project: Me first!”

  1. She is! Bless her. Not sure what’s changed, but she had a 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon, she’s been sleeping for an hour and a half this morning… and last night I got a whole 5 hours in a row! wooo, go baby go!

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