Stealing time

I’ve discovered a new break in the day to get some solid writing done!

Well, I used to write while I cooked dinner, but that meant running between the kitchen and computer room, through the lounge (which inevitably meant Lauren spotted me and would want cuddles).

Now that we have a new laptop, and it doesn’t require a powercord in order to work, I can take it into the kitchen with me and write in peace. It’s too cold out there for anyone else to venture in while I get dinner ready, so it’s a perfect time of the day for writing.

I only thought of this last night, and I am so thrilled! No more running to the computer room to write for a minute between stirring/checking whatever is cooking. And it’s a time when I can get some genuine solitude (is it scary that I consider that solitude, despite the fact that I still have to pay attention to something else while I write? lol). I guess at least dinner won’t talk to me, killing any dialogue that is running through my head, or replacing my story with questions about the world we actually live in rather than the world that is in my head.

Anyways… I’m a happy camper, which is good. And I am intent on writing another 1.5K before the weekend is out so that I can go into HalfNoc with 40K on the WIP. If I manage to write 1K a day (my personal goal), then I’ll have made some really solid progress on the novel during June, and gotten back into my swing.


4 thoughts on “Stealing time”

  1. Ooh, someone is just thinking of solutions all over the place, isn’t she? That actually sounds like a good idea. I wish my laptop was more light, because then I’d be more willing to take it to different places in the house, too. As it is, it has to be on a flat surface (it’s too heavy to have on me) and that’s hard to find. In the meantime, it’s easier to do it with my AS. I’m glad you’re so happy with your new laptop, though. Sounds like it was definitely worth waiting for.

  2. Oh I love this. Dinner prep is some of my only down time too – never thought of turning it into writing time.

    Excellent… and Good luck!

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