June 2nd

So I ended up getting 2199 words written all up yesterday, which was phenomenal for me, and just as well really because today has been shocking.

My adorable, intelligent, beautiful 4yr old has turned into a little monster and she is really pushing the boundaries again – realistically, we’re probably due for another round of this, overdue in fact, but I’m tired and am finding it more frustrating than ever. I guess because now I have two kids to deal with and not just the one! I’ve been amazed at her behaviour today, truly amazed, and a little stumped, and seriously – where do kids learn these tricks from?

She was having a sandwhich for morning tea and told me she’d finished. I asked about her crusts (on going issue – she normally refuses to eat them) and she told me she’d eaten them all, so I told  her that was awesome. Good work! But then half an hour later I was vacuuming, and decided to clean under the couch cushions (it had been awhile), and what do I find? Yes, I’m sure you’ve guessed, those pesky crusts!! I could have understood it better if she was hiding the crusts so that she could get more food, as normally I won’t make her another sandwich unless she eats them, but that wasn’t the case. Made me realize that earlier in the day the apple that she’d ‘lost’ had actually been hidden – at the time she also told me she’d eaten it all (including the core), and then she told me she’d put the core in the bin (which she can’t reach…). I had just thought that she didn’t want to admit she’d lost it or something. It was in the gap between the couch and the wooden chest…

Oh fun times!

There were lots of those moments this morning. Including when she told me she’d kicked Lauren in the head on purpose (it was really an accident). Anyways… the day didn’t get better when I realized my purse had been stolen from my car over night. Thankfully there was nothing in it other than cards, and it’s annoying to get them all replaced, but it’ll have to be done. Driver’s license most importantly!

But yeah… long day, annoying day, tiring day. And I don’t feel like writing.

I’ve managed a little over 500 and I think I’m going to call it. The reality is that sleep is probably more important than my daily goal – besides, whats the point of having awesome writing days like yesterday if it means I can’t have the occasional slump day? I’m still loving the story and have no doubt I’ll be able to get through 1k easily tomorrow.

Hope everyone else has been having a better time of it!


3 thoughts on “June 2nd”

  1. goodness what a DAY!!!

    my youngest went through a stage with scissors… all SORTS of things were snipped!

    she still tells a tall tale every now and again… sigh… good thing I love her so much! 🙂

    so sorry about your bag, what a pain in the hiney! yeah, those big days are for ones like these, where it seems all things conspire to keep the words at bay.

    and some of our sanity. 🙂 thinking of you!!

  2. Wow, still going around in circles with Ivy, huh? It’s unfortunate that she’s being such a little monster right now, but hopefully it won’t last for very long. I think once she’s in school, it will be a lot better for you and you won’t have as much to deal with. 500 words considering the imps, is still really good!

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